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Inman Aligner

What is Inman Aligner™?

The Inman Aligner™ is an adult brace and is a great solution for crowding or protrusion of the front teeth. The brace is discreet, with just a fine metal wire visible, and you can remove the brace for special occasions. It is fast, safe and great value. Inman Aligner™ has many features and benefits that include:

  • The ability to correct rotated teeth and mild crowding
  • Increased comfort: the spring component of the aligner is made from nickel titanium, instead of stainless steel, enhancing patient comfort
  • Hassle-free, single-appliance treatment with great results
  • Treatment can address problems with the teeth at the front of the mouth.

Looking for Inman Aligner™ in Edinburgh? Contact Edinburgh Dental Studio today for a complimentary consultation.

We also provide complimentary teeth whitening after Inman Aligner™ treatment to complete your cosmetic dental makeover.

How does it achieve results?

A coiled spring located at the rear of the teeth produces a squeezing force, while a metal bar at the front teeth reverses this force, effectively pushing and pulling the teeth into alignment.Treatment typically takes around 16 weeks. The appliance is fitted during two 30 minute appointments, and we will advise you to come and see us once a month for a quick 15 minute check-up.

There may be some mild discomfort to begin with, but this will subside quickly and you can take over-the-counter pain-relief.

Can the Inman Aligner™ be compared to Invisalign®?

Not really. It is used to treat the front teeth, while Invisalign® can be used to treat the full arch. Invisalign® uses a series of nearly invisible trays whereas Inman Aligner™ is a superfast spring aligner. The Inman Aligner™ was first used in the USA in 2000 with around 500 patients starting treatment with the brace every month in America and the results have been very positive. Invisalign® has treated over 2.5million people worldwide.

Will it affect my speech and is it comfortable?

Your speech may be mildly affected for the first 7-10 days, but you will soon get used to the appliance and your speech will return to normal. It may take a little while to get used to wearing the Inman Aligner™. However, treatment is comfortable and painless, as the appliance uses the latest technology to move the teeth quickly but gently. The brace is designed to reduce the number of dental visits. Your dentist will advise you on how often you need to have check-ups.

How much does Inman Aligner™ cost?

We think of adult braces as an “investment” rather than a “cost” – an investment in the smile that you have always wanted. That said, we have a number of flexible payment options and one will suit you:

  • spread payments over 12 months with 0% finance
  • spread payments over longer periods with low rate finance
  • ‘pay as you go’ as your treatment progresses
  • ‘pay up front’ and receive a 5% discount

The cost of Inman Aligner™ is £1200 per arch.

How do I get Started and book my free consultation?

Explore our website to gather the information you need. When you are ready either complete one of the “Find Out More” or “Book a Free Consultation” forms around the website or call us at the practice on 0131 226 3725.

We offer a complimentary consultation with our Treatment Co-ordinator who can explore options with you and if you are suitable for Inman Aligner™ you can then make an appointment with our dentist to make sure that your dental health is good. All will be explained at your complimentary consultation and you are under no obligation.

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