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Adult Cosmetic Braces

There is no underestimating the value of a great smile and Edinburgh Dental Studio’s adult cosmetic braces procedures can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted. We believe with passion that everyone should be able to smile with confidence and eat all of their favourite foods without any problems.

Which is why we offer a complimentary consultation for all our adult braces treatments, or cosmetic braces in general.

We see people from many walks of life who are unhappy with their smile as they have problems that prevent them from smiling confidently – they may have teeth which are dull and worn, or teeth that are out of place and crooked. In some cases patients have suffered for years with loose dentures which prevent the enjoyment of food.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry services can rectify these problems and include simple non invasive whitening procedures; adult orthodontic and cosmetic braces to straighten crooked teeth quicker than you might think (Invisalign®, Six Month Smiles® veneers – including Lumineers® – one solution for ugly discoloured fillings that show in your smile; which can fill gaps or are a solution for securely fixing dentures to make eating an enjoyable experience again.

For some patients one of the procedures on its own may be enough to return a confident smile but many patients require a combination of treatments – and for some we offer a Complete Smile Makeover.

Our aim, simply put, is to provide you with a stress-free experience, while providing premier cosmetic dentistry services to restore your smile or create the smile you’ve always wanted. If you are looking for an Edinburgh Dentist with an interest in Cosmetic Dentistry, contact us today.

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