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Composite Edge Bonding

Composite Edge Bonding


Chipped, worn or misshapen teeth.
Mild spacing between teeth.


Create a more youthful and beautiful smile by
improving tooth shape.

Often no tooth preparation or anaesthetic are


Composite material is bonded to only the edges
of the teeth.


1. The teeth are cleaned.
2. Dental gels are placed on the tooth to hold the composite in place.
3. Composite material added in multiple layers and shaped to create the new tooth shape.
4. A UV light sets the composite material.
5. Smoothing and polishing.




1-4 hours.

Important To Know

Tooth Whitening: Should you be considering tooth whitening, we recommend this is carried out first, so that composite can be colour matched to your whitened teeth.

Short Term Side Effects: Altered speech whilst adapting.

Future Treatment: Repairs and maintenance are required over time. This will be more frequent if you clench and grind your teeth or if you smoke, drink lots of tea, coffee and red wine.

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