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ICON Resin Infiltration

ICON Resin Infiltration


White spots on front teeth.


Remove white spots without the need for
anaesthetic, drilling or filling.


  • 1. A rubber dam (dental bib) is placed over the teeth.
  • 2. ICON-Etch gel is applied in 2 minute cycles to open up pores where the white spots are located.
  • 3. ICON-Dry helps dry the area before the final stage.
  • 4. ICON-Infiltrant resin soaks into the pores where the white spots were located.
  • 5. A UV light sets the ICON-Infiltrant before polishing the teeth.





Important To Know

Tooth Whitening: Results are more predictable when carrying out tooth whitening initially. If
brown spots are also present tooth whitening would be required initially.

Results: We can’t always guarantee complete resolution. Sometimes despite significant
improvement, patients may want complete resolution, in which case the next stage would
involve placing composite fillings or veneers which are a more invasive alternative.

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