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Dental Hygiene

keeping your gums healthy

Since three out of four teeth are lost through gum disease, and recent studies show a strong relationship between gum disease and medical conditions such as strokes, heart disease, diabetes, bacterial lung infections and premature and low birth-weight babies, it’s clear why we put such emphasis on our health and hygiene services to deep clean your teeth and keep your gums healthy.

Our dental hygiene appointments are particularly popular with our professional patients who appreciate that fresh breath and ultra-clean mouths could give them that extra edge in business.

We encourage patients to join our membership plan, which includes regular visits with the dentist and hygienists. Research indicates that patients who join a plan tend to require less invasive and costly treatments. A preventive approach not only reduces the likelihood of emergency appointments but patients attend more regularly and therefore maintain healthier teeth and gums. Members also benefit from additional discounts on other treatments. Please ask us for details.


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