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Nervous Patients


Are you too scared to visit the dentist?

A fear of the Dentist is very common- with many of us putting off a visit unless absolutely necessary. In fact, one in four of us will feel nervous before we attend a dental appointment.

For thousands of others, particularly if they haven’t visited a Dentist for many years, this fear can develop and become a phobia. Just the thought of a visit can cause terror, resulting in a range of symptoms including faintness, heart palpitations, shaking and sweating.

At Edinburgh Dental Studio, we particularly enjoy looking after those patients who haven’t visited the dentist for a while. With a calm and friendly approach, we will always make sure to allow plenty of time so that your appointment is unrushed. We want you to leave the practice with a positive experience under your belt- in the hope that next time it won’t be quite so scary for you.


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Overcoming your fear of the dentist
– it is possible!

If you can, it’s really important to deal with your fear before it becomes too advanced. A dental phobia can be all encompassing- and those people who require immediate treatment due to serious dental problems will often choose to simply live with their issues. As a result they can often be in considerable pain- unable to eat, drink or talk properly.

Don’t live in pain because you are scared.

It’s highly likely that your fear will improve with each visit to the dentist and that soon you will start to see it as a normal part of life. Visiting the dentist on a regular basis for quick, comfortable check-ups means it’s much more likely you’ll avoid the need for more involved treatments in the future.

Today, modern dentistry is much more customer focused. At Edinburgh Dental, our staff are highly trained and very experienced in dealing with nervous patients. We will always take your individual needs into account. Treatments are tailored accordingly for optimum comfort, speed and convenience.

If there are ways in which we can help make your visit more pleasant then please tell us.

Whether you’d like extra breaks during treatment, to agree a ‘code word’ so that we stop work if required or to bring your own music to listen to. Whatever helps you relax- we are happy to –accommodate you.

Tips to help overcome your fear of the dentist:

  • Find a practice you trust– by visiting the same surgery regularly overtime you will get to know and trust your dentist. Likewise they will get to know you and understand your individual needs.
  • A preventive approach– regular check-ups help to ensure the health of your teeth in the long-term. At these check-ups we can detect any issues before they advance. The need for involved work in the future can be avoided with more minor treatment now.
  • Research! Find a dentist that specialises in nervous patients. Consider asking friends and family for recommendations. At Edinburgh Dental Studio we would be very happy for you to look around the surgery and meet our staff before you book an appointment.
  • Be honest! Don’t worry about what we might think. We really have seen it all! Tell us how we can help you and we’ll try our best.


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