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How can ICON treatment help?

ICON is a revolutionary treatment, able to remove white spots on your teeth without the need for any anaesthetic, drilling or filling. We use a special resin to infiltrate the pores of the affected tooth allowing the white spot to blend into the healthy enamel around it. The treatment is quick, effective and non-invasive, causing no unnecessary damage to your tooth or those surrounding it.

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<h2>What does the treatment involve?</h2>

What does the treatment involve?

Initially, we examine your teeth, recording the white spots present. We may also take photographs to easily show you the difference ICON has made after your treatment.

We place a rubber dam over your teeth to keep the area dry, before applying ICON-Etch gel in two minute cycles. This works to open up the pores where the white spots are located so they can be effectively removed.

We carefully dry the area and apply ICON-Infiltrant resin, which soaks into the pores where the white spots were located. We harden this using a UV light and polish your teeth to get them looking beautifully healthy and bright.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I remove white spots with teeth whitening instead?

    Teeth whitening treatment is not effective on white spots, as they will also be lightened and still stand out from the rest of the tooth. ICON is a much more successful treatment for white spots, as it infiltrates the tooth. However, we may suggest you have teeth whitening treatment before ICON, as this can make the results more predictable, especially if brown spots are also present.

  • How long will my results last?

    ICON treatment is not permanent, but you can expect your results to last around 2-5 years before needing to be repeated.

  • Will my white spots completely disappear?

    We can’t always guarantee complete resolution. Sometimes despite significant improvement, patients may want complete resolution, in which case the next stage would involve placing composite fillings or veneers which are a more invasive alternative.

  • How long does it take for my ICON results to appear?

    Your treatment results are visible immediately following treatment, as the ICON-Infiltrant resin sets straight away and takes just minutes to work.

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