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Calm and friendly approach

Just the thought of a visit to the dentist can cause anxiety, worry and terror, resulting in a range of symptoms including faintness, shaking and sweating.

At Edinburgh Dental Studio, we particularly enjoy looking after those patients who haven’t visited the dentist for a while. Our calm and friendly approach means we will always make sure we allow plenty of time so your appointment is not rushed and everything can be done at your pace. Our aim is for you to leave the practice having had a positive experience with us, in the hope that next time it won’t be quite so scary for you.

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<h2>Overcoming your fear of the dentist is possible!</h2>

Overcoming your fear of the dentist is possible!

If you can, it is really important to deal with your fear before it becomes too advanced. A dental phobia can be all encompassing, and force people who require treatment for serious dental issues to choose to live with the problems instead, often resulting in considerable pain.

We are here to help. It is highly likely that your fear will improve with each calm and relaxed visit to the dentist, and you will soon start to see it as a normal part of life. Regular quick, comfortable check ups help greatly reduce the need for more involved treatment in the future.

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<h2>Customer focused, experienced care</h2>

Customer focused, experienced care

Modern dentistry is much more customer focused and caring than you may remember. At Edinburgh Dental Studio, every member of our team is highly trained and very experienced with nervous patients. We always take your individual needs into account and tailor your treatments for optimum comfort, speech and convenience.

If there are ways in which we can help make your visit more pleasant, please tell us. Whether you’d like extra breaks during your treatment, would feel happier to agree a ‘code word’ so we stop work if required or want to bring your own music to listen to throughout your appointment, we are happy to accommodate your needs and help you relax.

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Tips to help you overcome your fear of the dentist

Find a practice you trust

By visiting the same surgery regularly over time you will get to know and trust your dentist. Likewise, they will get to know you and understand your individual needs.

A preventive approach

Regular check-ups help to ensure the health of your teeth in the long-term. At these check-ups we can detect any issues before they advance. The need for involved work in the future can be avoided with more minor treatment now.


Find a dentist that specialises in nervous patients. Consider asking friends and family for recommendations. At Edinburgh Dental Studio, we are very happy for you to look around the surgery and meet our staff before you book an appointment.

Be honest!

Don’t worry about what we might think. We really have seen it all! Tell us how we can help you and we’ll try our best.

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