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Why do I need a hygiene appointment?

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It is important to look after your teeth and gums, which is why we take a preventive approach to your oral health. Three out of four missing teeth are lost due to gum disease, a condition that also has strong links to medical issues including strokes, heart disease and diabetes. Your hygienist is best placed to look after your gum health, and will check for any signs of gum disease at each of your appointments, catching and treating any potential issues before they can worsen.

Hygiene appointments help remove any stubborn plaque and tartar deposits on your teeth, building on the work you do during your oral hygiene routine at home to protect your smile from bacteria. Our dental hygiene appointments are suitable for all our patients, and particularly popular with professionals who appreciate that fresh breath and ultra-clean mouths could give the extra edge in business.

<h2>What does hygiene treatment involve?</h2>

What does hygiene treatment involve?

Initially, your hygienist will examine your teeth and gums, checking for any early signs of gum disease that may need attention. We also look for any decay present, especially in hard to reach areas, and will ask you some questions about your general health.

The bulk of your appointment is a deep clean and polish, reaching even the areas a standard toothbrush can’t get to. Plaque and tartar is removed from your mouth, leaving it feeling much fresher and healthier, with signs of decay removed.

We end the appointment by giving you some tips and advice for your oral hygiene routine at home, and show you how best to clean the harder areas of your mouth, if necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my hygiene appointment whiten my teeth?

    Whilst you may find that your teeth appear brighter once they have been professionally cleaned and polished, with the build up of plaque and tartar removed, the aim of the treatment isn’t to whiten your teeth. If you are interested in whitening your teeth, please let us know and we will be happy to discuss the treatment in more detail.

  • Are there any alternatives to the deep clean and polish treatment?

    At Edinburgh Dental Studio, we also offer AirFlow treatment, an innovative and more gentle way to deep clean your teeth. It is completely pain free and can even remove surface stains for a brighter and healthier smile.

  • Does hygiene treatment hurt?

    You may experience some discomfort during the deep clean part of your treatment, but this does not last long. We always make sure you are calm and relaxed before we begin, and give you the chance to let us know if you are feeling anxious or worried about the procedure, so we can help. If you are particularly concerned, you may want to consider Airflow treatment, which is completely pain-free.

  • How much will my hygiene appointment cost?

    If you are a registered patient of the practice, the cost will be £85. We encourage patients to join our membership plan, which includes regular visits with the dentist and hygienists. Research indicates that patients who join a plan tend to require less invasive and costly treatments. A preventive approach not only reduces the likelihood of emergency appointments but patients attend more regularly and therefore maintain healthier teeth and gums. Members also benefit from additional discounts on other treatments. Please ask us for details.

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