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“I’m as old as my gums and a little older than my teeth”.

This short phrase, used to get round telling your age after you have passed a certain milestone, reminds us that our gums stay with us throughout life’s journey – the lifespan of our teeth is entirely dependent on our own action (or inaction). With Edinburgh Dental Studio’s programme of dental checks and regular hygiene appointments we help you ensure that age difference between your teeth and gums will remain the same! There is increasing evidence that poor oral hygiene can lead to a range of general health problems, or make them worse. We strongly believe that we are in partnership to help you achieve a lifelong healthy mouth and for this reason have a team of enthusiastic dental hygienists who will regularly take care of your oral hygiene. We encourage patients to use a really good electric toothbrush – based on good clinical evidence that the better electric toothbrushes used properly improve oral health (we recommend and sell the Oral B Triumph 5000 model).

If you are looking for an Edinburgh Dentist, our new patient appointments last 30-45 minutes. This thorough, unhurried approach allows Graeme or Matt plenty of time to give your mouth, teeth and gums an in-depth examination and the opportunity to get to know you. This approach continues with your ongoing dental and hygiene care, as it is our priority to treat our patients as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

Dr Graeme Smart and Dr Matt Dash are both enthusiastic dentists who are committed to our philosophy of keeping mouths healthy and work together with the rest of the team to schedule visits that are relevant to your specific needs at different times in your life. Graeme and Matt are used to seeing patients who are anxious and will always take the time to listen to your concerns and aim to make your time with us as stress free and comfortable as possible.


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