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Why do we offer Practice Membership?

We find most of our patients need our Classic Membership which covers two dental health checks and two hygiene visits per year. However, we appreciate not all patients require the same level of care therefore alternative options are available – your dentist will establish what is right for you.

We believe with passion that prevention is better than cure and there is now considerable evidence that good dental health improves general health. We find that patients who are practice members are more likely to come to see us for their regular visits – and when they take on board the advice given by our Dentists and Hygienists, they develop better dental health, which in turn leads to less need for intervention.

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<h2>Why should I become a member?</h2>

Why should I become a member?

Membership ensures you have access to quality dental care, offers you a simple, flexible way to pay for your dental care and is designed to encourage you to visit us regularly.

Regular visits will mean:

  • Regular hygiene appointments therefore healthier gums
  • Prevention techniques to reduce decay
  • Early diagnosis of problems which will mean less complex and less expensive treatment

How do I join?

We will help you complete the simple documentation at reception

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As a member you will receive the following unique package of benefits:

What is ICP’s Dental Emergency Assistance Support product? (The DEAS)

The DEAS is a discretionary scheme and is an integral part of your plan. You may be able to request assistance for the following:

Family Discounts

If more than one of your family becomes a member of the above Plans the following discounts apply (payments are collected by a single direct debit from your bank account):

2 family members – 5%
3 family members – 10%
4 for more family members – 15%

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