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Your Dental bridge

A dental bridge is a fixed restoration which replaces one or more missing teeth. This popular and highly successful method works by using the adjacent teeth on each side of the gap as anchors –helping to hold a new crown securely in place.

As your bridge will be tailor made to fit your mouth, the manufacture and fit takes significant skill and care. Although a bridge can be sllightly more expensive than some other treatments it very often proves a good investment avoiding the need for further treatment in the future. With regular maintenance and check-ups it should last for many years.


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Why replace a missing tooth?

As well as creating difficulties with eating, drinking and speaking, a lost tooth (or teeth) can cause oral health issues including gum disease, bad breath and the unwanted movement of your other teeth.

Not only will your general self-confidence improve following the fitting of your bridge but you will also notice an improvement in the look of your overall facial features- which can often start to look sunken and aged over time if you have a number of missing teeth.

What is a dental bridge made from?

If it will not be too visible, a bridge is usually made from precious metals such as gold. It is possible to bond porcelain to the base for a more natural look if preferred.

How is a bridge fitted?

The fitting of a bridge is quite a lengthy process and will take place over a few appointments. Firstly the adjacent teeth will be prepared by grinding them down to make room for the crown to fit over the top. Once prepared, impressions of these teeth will be taken and used to make your bridge.

In the following couple of weeks, whilst the bridge is being made, a temporary bridge can be fitted.

At your fitting appointment your bridge will be checked for optimum comfort and finally cemented to the crowns either side of your gap ensuring a permanent and secure fit.

Looking after your bridge

It is important to ensure a high standard of oral care in order to keep your bridge strong and functional. You must clean your bridge daily in order to prevent a build-up of plaque- which can lead to bad breath and gum disease. You also need to clean underneath the false tooth every day using a bridge needle or special floss. Visit us regularly so that we can keep an eye out for any problems should they occur.


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